Virus Response Needs

VTI understands that we are in a new world when it comes to education and learning.  The virus has turned the world upside down and changed the way we are viewing the education space.  Needs today for schools have almost changed overnight and that means we are getting many unique requests from our customers.  We want to share those products with everyone because you may have the same needs as other school districts and have not thought of some of these products.  If you need a quote for any of these items please click Quote link at the top of the page.

Distance Learning
Products Include:
Streaming Devices
Web Cameras
Teacher Mics
Lesson Capture
Document Cameras



Mobile Learning

Products Include:
Flat Panel Displays
Mobile Labs
Charging Lockers
Device Cases
STEM Products


Social Distance

Products Include:
Portable Audio
School Dismissal Systems
Large Format LED walls
Drive in Video Setups
Wireless Mics
Mobile Podiums


Sanitation and Health
Products Include:
Sanitation Devices
Temperature Scanners
Headset Covers
Vape Sensors