Social Distance Gatherings
How we connect in small and large gatherings could be a change for all and these products can help with that transition.

Anchor Bigfoot 2
The Bigfoot® 2 is the newest, loudest, and most powerful
Anchor Audio portable sound system. Designed to cover a football field, this thunderous battery powered system is up to any challenge.
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Car Rider Pro
The CarRider Pro automated student pickup system is your way to organize the chaos
of your student dismissal process. Learn how CarRider Pro can help your school.
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VTEL Stream Meetings
The VTEL HD5000 is a plug-and-play videoconferencing camera that can be utilized with any Windows or Apple Computer with a USB port and your choice of videoconferencing software, including Zoom.
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Worship Communication
Gather outdoors while
maintaining a social distance for small
and large spaces.  Outdoor setup
allows you to meet in parking areas to broadcast your message.
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Anchor Beacon 2
the Beacon® 2 is a battery powered portable line array sound system like no other on the market.
It is completely self-contained and set up only takes a minute.
The Beacon 2 is perfectly
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