How do I can check the status of an order?

Please Click here to email us with your PO number, company name and best contact number and we will get back with you with an order status update as soon as possible.

How do I can place an order with VTI?

Please Click here to email your PO to our order team including the PO number, company name and best contact information for you so we can start processing the order.

What’s your return policy?

You can return most products purchased from VTI within 30 days and by paying the respective re-stock fee plus paying to ship the product back to where it shipped from. Please contact us with the PO number and with details as to why you would like to return the item/order and we will work with you to resolution.

What Co-ops can I buy VTI products through?

To find that information click on Co-op/Memberships and you will be redirected to our Co-ops page.

I have a question for one of your partners?

Below is a list of our partners with website and support number provided for your convenience.

Anchor Audio – (800)-262-4671
Atlas Sound – (800)-876-3333
Cailifone – (800)-722-0500
OWI – (310)-515-1900
Hamilton Buhl – 800-631-0868

BenQ – (866)-600-2367
Boxlight Mimio – (866)-972-1549
Casio – (800)-435-7732
Epson – (800)-463-7766
Hitachi – (800)-448-2244
Infocus – (877)-388-8360
Newline – (972)-468-9719
ViewSonic – (800)-688-6688

Visual Presenters:
Aver Media – (877)-528-7824
Elmo – (800)-947-ELMO
HoverCam – (858)-750-3499
Boxlight Mimio – (866)-972-1549

Control Systems:
Crestron – (888)-273-7876
Front Row – 800-227-0735

Balt MooreCo – (800)-749-2258
Spectrum – (800)-235-1262

Charging Carts:
Aver – (877)-528-7824
Balt MooreCo – (800)-749-2258
Spectrum – (800)-235-1262
Luxor – (800)-323-4656

Interactive Technologies:
Boxlight Mimio – (866)-972-1549
Steelcase (ENO) – (888)-783.3522
Elmo – (800)-947-ELMO

How do I request a quote for a product/solution?

Please Click here and email the products you are interested in and we will get you a quote ASAP.  Please make sure you give us your name, company and contact number. We will review your quote and then contact you to discuss the quote request.