Our customers have a vision of what they would like to achieve and at VTI we have redefined the way we offer consultation, programming, project management, installation and service (before and after) to help deliver the vision of our customers with our applied experience.
At VTI, our collaborative, integrated audio visual solutions facilitate collaboration and foster enhanced, effective solutions to meet all of your needs.

At VTI many of our customers are looking for a variety of Services to implement their ideas into a real space.  Contact VTI if any of the services that we offer below meet your needs and then we can help you customize your space.

Audio Integration
Transmit and tie together your technology in a seamless, organized fashion.

Charging Carts and Screens
Bring the internet and collaborate in any classroom.

Sound Masking
Sound-proof your room for astounding acoustics. Counteract disruption.


Room Control Systems
Take control of your room’s equipment with innovative control systems.

Room Furniture and Podiums
Outfit all rooms with desks, whiteboards and any other classroom needs.

Displays and Projectors
Quality visuals that bring your meetings space to life with multiple types of displays.

Revolutionize how you’re heard with upgraded microphones.